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Doctor of Philosophy, international supplementary trainer of teacher, Swedish language teacher, interaction researched and much more!


When you use my services as a Swedish language teacher, you know from the beginning who is providing your teaching. Svenska folkskolans vänner (SFV) and the association of Swedish language teachers in Finland recognised my excellent work as a Swedish teacher with the Svensklärarpriset 2016 award.

I have worked in various expert tasks related to the Swedish language for 20 years, and from 2010 to 2016 I worked as a full-time university teacher. During my career, I have taught experts and students of various fields, recently, for example, in Swedish-language university courses integrated in topics related to thermodynamics and economics.

In my teaching, I focus on interaction, exercises that activate and challenge the student, and genuinely meaningful contents. I am a strong, international professional of Content and Language Integration in Learning (CLIL).

“Content and language integration in learning is pedagogically very different from traditional language teaching. There are interactive working methods in the classroom, the exercises activate the students’ cognition, and the students also get the chance to show their concrete abilities in a foreign language, she says.”

(Nina Niemelä awarded the Swedish teacher prize,

In my language classes, teaching is approached from the perspective of action-based teaching, themes and phenomena, focusing on the student’s need for interaction. Today, my classes especially focus on field-specific language teaching.

My teaching is not traditional teacher-led teaching; rather, language is acquired in workshops and authentic situations by doing. My teaching is also research-based.

I want the provide the best possible learning experience through positive and challenging activities.

I can help you

1. Initial analysis. The customer provides basic information on the company and participants for planning the training. If agreed, I can also visit the company to get the best possible picture of the customer’s needs.
2. Planning. I will analyse the material and prepare a quote for the training sessions. If the customer so wishes, I can test the participants’ initial level of proficiency.
3. Implementation. The Swedish-language training is provided by an excellent language pedagogics professional with 20 years of experience and a PhD degree.
4. Evaluation. During the training we will stop to evaluate and make sure that the demand and supply are aligned. At the end of the training, we will evaluate your progress and the success of my training.

My methods

For small groups

  • Naturally, the size of the group, language proficiency and objectives contribute to the implementation.
  • The subject-matter is taught mostly by doing. The contents are learned through action-based exercises.
  • Short lectures explain the content, purpose and basis for the training.

Private teaching

  • The most effective way to learn the language in accordance with your needs is private teaching.

Examples on training contents

1. Business Swedish – written and/or oral communication
This training is for you if you have a basic command of Swedish and you need basic skills in business communications, oral and/or written skills in your work.

2. Better conversations
This training is for you if you have good basic command of Swedish and want more fluency in oral communications for various conversation situations.

3. Clear customer communications
This training is for you if you are working in expert tasks and you have to be able to present field-specific information in an understandable format to a customer who is not an expert.

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