Language-pedagogic further training

As a language-pedagogic supplementary educator, researcher and university teacher of the Swedish language I have had the opportunity to see various school communities and work with teachers around the world. In my training sessions, I approach teaching from the perspective of action-based teaching, themes and phenomena, focusing on the student’s need for interaction. Currently, my training sessions are related to language teaching from a multidisciplinary perspective.

peopleMy trainings aim to provide language teachers with more understanding on language teaching, concrete examples based in their own classroom experience and tools for developing and planning teaching.

In workshops, the teachers play the role of students and active participants who work and experience the student perspective. Through the things that they experience and learn, they can develop their teaching. I also offer research-based knowledge on why this kind of teaching is productive and meaningful for everyone.

I can help you

1. Before the training, the teacher sends an example to help plan the training session.
The example varies according to the training needs (see “Examples of training contents”).
2. I analyse the material provided.
3. In the training session, I present new ways and methods of teaching.
4. The participants can test the new way of working through my tailored exercises.
5. Through the exercises and in my guidance, the participants can implement what they have learned.
6. Evaluation. The participants present their work to me and/or the group, and we discuss these for further development.

My methods

The training is usually held on the customer’s premises.

Workshops for small groups, ca. 12-14 persons per group

  • Lectures on the content, purpose and basis for the training session.
  • The training contents are mainly taught through doing. You will learn the contents by completing my action-based exercises.
  • Creating new action-based exercises and materials for one’s own teaching. The work is completed during the training day and is therefore ready for use immediately.

Expert lectures tailored for various target groups

  • The lectures are informative and work well in supporting operations development and decision-making.

Who can benefit from this training day?

1. All language teachers regardless of education level.
2. You who want to make your teaching action-and phenomenon-based.
3. You who want to update your competence.
4. You who want to acquire tools for inspiring colleagues to implement action-based ways of working.
5. Also suits decision-makers, supporting their decision-making.

Examples of training contents

1. Defining phenomenon-based teaching – evolving language teaching – evolving teacher
2. How and why multi-disciplinary studies can be used in language teaching
3. Developing teaching materials for phenomenon-based language teaching
4. Evaluation methods in phenomenon-based language teaching
5. Interaction between teacher and student – how language, contents and activities are constructed in the classroom – how research knowledge can be used in planning and developing teaching.

As all of our trainings are tailor-made, we apply cancellation policy. Free cancellations until 30 days before agreed training. Less than 30 days is considered late cancellation and the payment will be 100 %.

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