Training sessions held by Nina Niemelä have received excellent feedback from our language teachers. The trainings have included versatile, interaction-based methods especially tailored for the target group. As a great teacher Nina has been able to give the participants time to absorb the theme of the day.
Outi Verkama

Coordinators of the Kieliä kehiin! project, Tampere

I have had the opportunity, and the pleasure, to work with Nina in Finland and in Spain, and have met and seen her in action in a number of international conferences and symposia. To my understanding she is very much qualified in the area of languages and education, particularly in relation to training and implementation of effective pedagogies. I can say also that she is a very hardworking person and possesses a remarkable ability for communication in academic environments.
Víctor Pavón Vázquez

University of Córdoba

Nina is the best! I got to know Nina during the national development project for Swedish language teaching (the ROKK project), when we developed models for integrating language and substance teaching for a couple of years. Initially, I was impressed by Nina’s vast expertise on the CLIL field, and as the project progressed, Nina’s inspiration, respect for schedule, appreciation for team work, matter-of- factness and creative made the work of our small project team a great experience. My 30-year career has included all kinds of partners but if you are looking for a reliable, competent, strong professional who puts one’s heart into the work but still manages to do it with a sense of humour, look no further!

Teija Lehto

Swedish language lecturer, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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