Training trainers

Regardless of your field of expertise I can help you develop as a trainer!

Few experts are also trained teachers. Do you need an alternative to just showing slides? Do you know how to get attendees to participate actively? Do you know how a person learns most effectively? Do you need help in interaction in your trainings?

groupworkTraditionally in corporate training sessions the experts have excellent and solid competence in the subject-matter. However, they often lack pedagogic competence on how the trainings should be implemented. The trainings tend to include lecturing and presenting slides.

As an educator of teachers, I provide you with concrete ideas on how to make training more action-based. I give examples on how to increase and maintain interest, how to get the participants to learn through doing, how to make the most important content memorable for participants and, above all, how to do this so that the participants enjoy the training session and are inspired!

In my training sessions, the trainers play the role of students, active participants who work and experience the student perspective. Through the things that they experience and learn, they can develop their teaching. I also offer research-based knowledge on why this kind of teaching is productive and meaningful for everyone.

I can help you

1. Analysis. Before the training, the expert whose work includes training duties sends me an example, based on which the workshop is planned. The example varies according to needs and objectives. In some cases, we will meet before the workshop and go through the objectives of the corporate trainer’s training.
2. Training the trainer. The participants get to experience new ways and methods of working in the role of a student. We will also cover the theoretical foundation for why this works.
3. Doing. After tested exercises, the participants can implement what they have learned under my guidance.
4. Evaluation. The participants present their work to me and/or the group.

My methods

The training is usually held on the customer’s premises.

Workshops for small groups

  • Short lectures that tell you what and why, and what is this training based on.
  • The training contents are mainly taught by doing. You will learn the contents by completing my action-based exercises.
  • Creating new action-based exercises and materials for one’s own teaching.

Who can benefit from this training day?

1. People who are masters of the subject-matter, but not the methods, of effective teaching.
2. People who want new ideas for their training sessions.
3. People in search of research knowledge on learning, teaching and interaction.

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